End of the Season Interview with Head Soccer Coach Shane Shelton

End of the Season Interview with Head Soccer Coach Shane Shelton
We sat down with the Head Soccer Coach of the men's soccer team, Shane Shelton, to talk about last season and what the future holds for Bristol University's Soccer program.
How would you describe your first season as head coach of the men's soccer team?
My first year as head coach was an incredibly rewarding experience. I thought the coaching staff did a fantastic job bringing in the right type of players who wanted to help build a program from scratch. The college game is a bit faster, and stronger than what our players were accustomed to so we knew
our players were obviously going to take some time to adjust to it, but they did a fantastic job adapting. Around our fifth game we started getting the desired results that eluded us as a team earlier in the season, and we came together as a unit to achieve these results. 

What was the most memorable experience of this season?

The most memorable experience for me was our trip to Utah where I was able watch the boys come together, and get a big time win at Sierra Nevada. This trip really brought us closer together as a team, and the guys really bonded on this trip, and it should with a victory.

Which players surprised you this season? Who was the M.V.P. of the team this season? Who was the Most Improved Player this season?

 I feel like the entire team surprised me this year. Obviously as a coaching staff we want to be successful in every game, but realistically I was not expecting how well the boys would mesh and become a team, and in turn get the desired results. There are a few kids that I could make a case for getting M.V.P. this season, but I think Javier Lopez was the most consistent difference maker for our team. He made big time saves nearly every game, and gave us a chance as a team to be successful. The Most Improved player is Cristian Menes. His game has developed drastically over the short three month span we were together. 

What can we expect from our soccer program next season? What is in store for the women's team for next season?  
The success we had in the latter part of the season is something we will use as a platform moving towards next season. Now that our guys have a season of experience under their belt, we are hoping to be a consistent team from start to finish next fall.  As for the women's team, we are looking to duplicate the results of our men's inaugural season, and this will make it a success. We are looking for quality women student-athletes as we speak to kick-off our 2016-17 inaugural women's soccer season.